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Riad Massin – A Home of Joy, Friendship and Moroccan Stories

What is common to Anna from England, Klaus and Beata from Germany and Chris from Australia? Anna is a freelancer travelling around Morocco and writing about Moroccan food. Klaus and Beata are students who decided to go somewhere further for their student vacation. Chris is a backpacker who loves hiking and exploring different cultures. They all stayed in Riad Massin in Marrakech, a […]

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Discover the Soul of Marrakech in the Hostel La Casa Del Sol

Your search for a perfect accommodation during your visit of Marrakech ends up right here. La Casa Del Sol is not only a hostel, it is a temporary home to so many travellers and backpackers who wish to experience the most wonderful side of the Red City. You will find La Casa Del Sol at only two minutes walking distance from Jemaa El Fna square(yes, […]

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Liquid Gold from Morocco

At the point when you’re reading this article, you must’ve heard of it before due to its many benefits; almost considered magical when it comes to beauty products. Argan oil is suppose to be rejuvenating, helps in removing wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, revitalizes the skin and leaves you with the divine sense of smoothness, and this […]

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