Family holidays in Morocco

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Jun 14

pick one of our family holidays packages and enjoy Morocco

croisiere-a-agadir We are aware there can be a lot to think about when you are leaving on holiday with kids. That’s why we’ve come up with the best selection of incredible  family holidays in Morocco

 All-inclusive Formula:

 One of the best things about our family holidays to Morocco is that they are All-inclusive: So, along with flights and transfers, you get food and local  drinks included in the price; in some of our packages we also include extras like water sports, activities…

Exploring spirit:

When you want to go out and about, there’s a whole load of family–friendly fun to be had, with our guided visits keeping in mind the need you might have for flexibility and providing the best logistic to guarantee a maximum comfort for you & your kids . The weather’s another plus point – expect pool–perfect temperature and loads of sunshine.

 Inspiring your holiday plans:

To help you planning your Moroccan trip, take a look at the must-visit destinations we’ve put together for you. They’re crammed with info on the different areas you can stay in, and the best things do & visit when you’re there.

A break in a world out the commun

family holiday in morocco The introduction of Morocco to the mainstream holiday market added a new genre to the library of world travel. Suddenly, holidays were scented with  spice rather than sun cream, and the soundtrack of waves is remixed with the amazing rhythms of the African Amazigh (Berber) Music.

 family holidays in Morocco – Agadir

 Today, more than eight million tourists come to Morocco every year in search of a beach break with a twist. Most people choose Agadir as a base for  their holiday, and for good reason. The stretch of coast here unravels for six miles and basks in 300 days of sunshine a year. The city itself eases you in to  Moroccan culture gently by offering up European-style cafes and smart hotels alongside its bustling souks and Moroccan restaurants. Agadir is also close to the shape-shifting sands of the Sahara desert. And, the dramatic High Atlas Mountain range is less than one hour drive away.

family holidays in Morocco – Marrakech

Head a little further north from the mountains, meanwhile, and you’ll reach Marrakech. The highlight of this chaotic city is the marketplace and the famous Jemaa el-Fna square. Even if you don’t have an eye to buy it’s still worth a visit. You’re likely to see bejewelled belly dancers and snake charmers cajoling cobras from wicker baskets.