Dinner & Show at Chez Ali

Enjoy a traditional outdoor Moroccan folklore evening with dinner and a Fantasia show. Fantasia is a feast of colors and sound, where in one place you can experience food and folklore habits of the different regions of Morocco.

Magical, magnificent, authentic, the entertainment at Chez Ali show is all that and today is considered to be one of the highlights of a visit to Marrakech. Dancers, musicians, acrobats and horsemen will bring you to the exhilaration. Food is a big feast and really delicious: harira (Moroccan soup) as a starter, then you have mechoui (lamb cooked in the oven). After you have couscous with vegetables and chicken. The desert is composed of fruits, mint tea and pastries.

While eating you have the different folkloric bands coming into your tent playing music and dancing for you.

After the dinner you have a Big Fantasia (traditional Berber horseback riding) with horse acrobatics, a belly dancing and many other surprises.


Ksar el Hamra

For your romantic evening in Marrakech we have selected for you the best gastronomic restaurant in the city. Ksar el Hamra will make you live a one thousand & one nights’ of morocco beautiful place with a delicious cuisine and a very peaceful atmosphere…
Located in the middle of the Medina, connecting Djamaa El Fna square to the famous historic monuments of Marrakesh, this beautiful palace is considered as one of the most known address of the Moroccan gastronomy; all the ingredients are gathered there to make you live a dream in a dream’s place.
The Evenings at Ksar El Hamra are animated by an amazing dancing show , and are ended by Gorgeous Belly Dancers.This restaurant has beautifully decorated interior lounges, filled with carefully selected mosaics and tapestries to give it a refined style. It also has a beautiful patio surrounded with vegetation and a soft and looked after lighting which invites you into an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace, suitable for a romantic dinner with the necessary intimacy.
Among the gastronomic specialities at Ksar El Hamra, there´s the delicious couscous of seven vegetables, the Marrakchia beef tangia, saffron lamb, honey crepes, season fruit basket and milk and almonds cake.
To make your stay more entertaining, local musicians recreate the atmosphere and mark the monuments with African and oriental music.
willing to spend a nice evening in a great atmosphere and beautiful food and nice moroccan wine, do not hesitate to book with us.