Family holidays in morocco

What to do when you decide to go on holiday and satisfy the needs of your wife/husband and children?!! This is the problem everyone has to face when deciding where to go on family holiday…when you have only a few days and need somewhere sunny, not too far away and with enough going on to keep your high-maintenance entourage happy.

There is only one solution: Morocco. Just three hours’ flight away, it’s a totally different world; a veritable attack on the senses, with awesome food and pretty much guaranteed sunshine.

Morocco is so extraordinarily diverse from the Atlas Mountains to the buzzing medieval cities of Marrakech and Fez; from the moody Atlantic towns such as Essouira or Agadir to the stark, dry beauty of the desert

Family holidays in Agadir

Agadir is one of the most beautiful cities in south of Morocco, The city boasts a superb location – surrounded by the Anti-atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and a range of na...

Family holidays in Essaouira

Essaouira (former Mogador), a walled town on the Atlantic coast with its’ large sandy beach and photogenic traditional fishing harbour, has plenty to offer for both adults and...

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Family holidays in Marrakech

Holidays in Marrakech promise a great experience. Founded in 1062, the city has played host to a succession of dynasties and rulers and has outlived them all...