Morocco By Night

Particular universe, where every detail has been thought for your well-being; the soul of these places operates at once and hustles your habits… in one: it’s an invitation for dream!!!

mixture of Zen spirit, sobriety and elegance… Welcome to the lightening nights of Marrakech!!!

dinner and Fantasia show at Chez Ali

Enjoy a traditional outdoor Moroccan folklore evening with dinner and a Fantasia show. Fantasia is a feast of colours and sound, where in one place you can experience food and folklore habits of the different regions of Morocco.

Magical, magnificent, authentic, the entertainment on offer at Chez Ali is all that and today is considered to be one of the highlights of a visit to Marrakech.

Dancers, musicians, acrobats, horsemen make your evening a one thousand & one evening… Food is a big feast and really delicious: Harira (Moroccan Soup), Mechoui (Lamb cooked in oven), Couscous with vegetables and chicken, or a variety of Moroccan Tajines… a dessert composed of fruits, mint tea and pastries to make you live the atmosphere of the traditional Berber parties

While eating you have the different Folkloric bands coming into your tent plying music and dancing for you

After the dinner you have a big fantasia (traditional Berber horseback riding), the horse acrobatics, a bailey dancing and many other surprise