Destination Wedding Planner

destination wedding planner in Morocco

Seeking a magical place for your wedding ceremony or for your honeymoon?

Moroccan Views is your destination wedding planner in Morocco!!

Whether you want to plan your destination wedding on a magical beach, on a beautiful lake or in the middle of the sand dunes!!

With the best prices in the industry, an easy deposit schedule; and personalized stay for each member of your group. Moroccan Views travel & events Experts will help you organize everything from beginning to end.
Each group booked will have access to a personalized database; which will give full insight to the trip’s destination and an outline of the itinerary.
Here at Moroccan Views, our Experts have years of experience taking care of travel arrangements for wedding destinations planner in Morocco.
Whether you want to say “I do” on the warm sand beaches, in one of these charming palaces in an imperial city; or in the middle of the golden sand dunes.

A team of Experts dedicated for your destination wedding planner in Morocco

Our Experts are dedicated to sending you and your guests to your dream wedding destination in Morocco.
From finding your personal paradise to start your “happily ever after”; to flights, accommodations and wedding party for you and your guests. our team will provide expert knowledge and personalized customer service.
With years of experience booking travel arrangements for groups of all sizes; we will provide professional planning for all travel arrangements & make your wedding event meets your dreams & goes beyond your expectations.

Family travel & events in morocco

Has it been a while since you’ve gotten together with your extended family? Whether you want to hang out poolside or in the beach with your cousins or take a short getaway to the desert sand dunes or do one of these amazing trails in the Atlas Mountains with your grandchildren, our Group Experts will offer you the best prices, an easy deposit schedule, and personalized stays for each member of the group!

For exceptional evening …

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Event in Morocco

OUR CONCEPTS ARE innnovative and customised

Be it fashion shows, product presentations, shop openings or a corporate event… our team conceptualises and organises unique events of any size that meet our client’s needs. As experts in event management, we understand the complexities and intensity involved; and extend professional solutions and services in delivering a successful event.

When building an event program it’s always better to measure twice, meet once!!
It’s challenging to pull off an effective meeting or event. Delivering effective corporate meeting planning is difficult when you have limited resources and budgets. On top of everything else, you have to make all the decisions around content, logistics, overall design and format. Not to mention the increased industry regulations, social responsibilities, financial risks, and stakeholder demands facing many conference and business meeting planners today. So how do you produce effective meetings or improve your program if you’re not sure what to measure or how to do it? Let MOROCCAN VIEWS MICE team help!! Our research-based approach allows you to measure your program’s overall effectiveness from beginning and end.

Meeting in morocco

Meetings are vital for management and communication. Properly-run meetings save time, increase motivation, productivity, and efficiency in problem-solving. Meetings breed new ideas and initiatives.

At MOROCCAN VIEWS we identify the essentials of meetings and we specialize in offering the desired solution to meet your needs in one. Our team provides high quality consultation services and meeting facilities at affordable prices.

We can arrange meetings for groups of all sizes (from 10 up to thousands of participants). Besides conventional venues like hotels, we provide options to set up meetings against spectacular sceneries or in exotic locations using our Luxurious Camp (all facilities included).

Exclusive Services

To enhance smooth operations we provide customized services for all meeting clients. These include booking accommodation, transfers, flights, land tours and arrangement of activities for spouses and companions.

We are able to arrange high-end activities for CEOs and high achiever in your company, which goes beyond golf and spa. We are pleased to offer the following services to ease your meeting planning processes

  • Group online registration
  • Online Payment
  • Database Management
  • Travel & accommodations arrangement
  • Printing of meeting collaterals
  • Logistics management
  • Post feedback and analysis
  • Pre, On-site and post event management

Incentives & team building Morocco

WE innovate CORPORATE incentives THAT motivate YOUR TEAM
We provide our clients with impressive concepts for corporate and teambuilding activities. Our services include event planning and preparation, from sourcing unique locations to creating diversified itineraries. Having more than 10 years of experience in this industry, we are equipped with a competitive edge in providing incentives to help businesses motivate a particular course of action by injecting excitement to keep energy level high throughout our programs. Incentives programss with MOROCCAN VIEWS MICE are unforgettable and will sustainably strengthen motivation and team spirit for our clients.

Exclusive Services

At MOROCCAN VIEWS MICE, we position ourselves and pride in incorporating ‘wow’ elements in all our itineraries and proposals. We believe these are uniquely different and exciting experiences that participants will always remember.

Program Management

Leverage the experience of our well-trained people dedicated to providing you and your attendees with an exceptional experience. As part of your team, they are supported by the latest technology, processes and best practices in the industry so they can spend all the time needed working with you to create the perfect experience.

Registration, Ticketing and Attendee Service

We rely on our proprietary meeting software and event management systems to provide integrated registration, hotel room block, air ticketing and arrival and departure schedules. Our systems simplify tasks like comparing multiple reports and schedules and create a higher level of customer service for participants.

On-site Services

Translating all the work prior to your program into a successful on-site experience requires dedication. Our people are known for their exceptional personal service, hospitality and “can-do” attitude. We create a comprehensive travel director manual to ensure all commitments, service requirements and contingencies are understood and planned for accordingly. And our nightly reviews make sure your travel programs are operating to budget and in the quality manner you expect.

Conference in Morocco

If you’re a meeting manager, corporate events planner, conference planner, or just someone given tasked to plan a conference or meeting in Morocco, our job is to make your job easier. We share in the increased pressure and expectations that you are faced with to deliver effective and high-quality meetings and corporate events. We design and deliver successful professional affairs every year for many businesses, such as meetings, conferences, product launches and travel programs. Regardless the extent of assistance required, we welcome you to contact us


Unlike many corporate event planning companies or travel agencies in Morocco, we tap on our broad industry perspective and convention management expertise to develop a winning strategy for your convention, event or conference. We have the correct tools to help you, whether you’re interested in running virtual meetings, adding family-friendly options or utilising the latest advances in meeting software, including registration, on-site technology…


We provide the best industry practices and thought leadership for our wide-ranging client base: automotive, financial services, technology/telecommunication and healthcare. Our diverse team of subject matter experts assist with your meeting and conference event planning. From booking your conference place, your flight tickets, accommodation, extra conference activities, catering… to onsite participant management & security matters