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You just log on to the site Www.moroccanviews.com MOROCCAN VIEWS Company.
You should carefully review the provisions that follow as they provide a contact setting terms and conditions of the catalog products and services (or store) the electronic MOROCCAN VIEWS Company.
The “click” you run after you complete your order is the confirmation of your order and irrevocable acceptance of these terms.
In effect, you can order products or services only if you accept the conditions set out below.

The following terms and conditions of sale govern all transactions made on the web catalog MOROCCAN VIEWS. All orders placed on this website assumes the customer’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.
This contract is a distance contract which aims to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the sale of the company’s products MOROCCAN VIEWS on the Internet through the Morocco Telecommerce platform.
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM is a trademark of Moroccan views SARL company with capital of 900,000 dhs, whose registered office is at 19 Bis Avenue Fatima Zahra Rmila Marrakech – Morocco, entered in the Register of Commerce and Companies under number 24979, holder license No. 45702796.
Buying trips and stays MOROCCANVIEWS.COM of all benefits, causes the entire membership of the customer to these terms and conditions and full acceptance of all their provisions.
It is clarified that in case of conflict between these terms and the contract between the customer and MOROCCANVIEWS.COM, the provisions of the contract shall prevail.
Morocco Telecommerce is a transaction management service and a trademark Morocco Telecommerce SA
2.1 Reservation
Before booking, the product must be in your cart. Your cart is your customer area where you find all the bookings and purchases you want made.
A product Cart is by no means a reservation
A reservation is effective from the time you met the following conditions: Choose the payment method, validate the final estimate and confirm the reservation. All this is done in 3 steps in your cart.
2.1.1 booking by credit card
The reservation is effective from the moment we got the confirmation from your bank about the validity and the funds available on your card. At this stage no flow is made to your account.
2.1.2 Reservation by other means of payment
Pre-booking is made valid for 24 hours, during which time Customer must make payment for the reservation is final.
2.2 Confirmation
Final confirmation of your trip will be made after full payment of the product and after checking availability from our suppliers.
The Buyer has several modes of payment:
3.1. On the site:
To pay by credit card, wallet, cash via (Binga Wafacash), you choose the payment method from those offered by MOROCCAN VIEWS at the Order:
• For payment by card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, cmi, Maestro, Diners Club and Discover).
• For payment by purse (Mobicash)
• For cash settlement via (Binga Wafacash)
In this case, the delivery of the transaction to debit your account is made in the day following the date of delivery confirmation.

Your payments (credit card, wallet, cash via (Binga Wafacash)) are secured by Morocco Telecommerce that offers a fully secure payment service.

The Consumer guarantees the Company MOROCCAN VIEWS he has the required permission to use the payment method chosen by him, while validating the order form.
If paying by credit card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of payment method provided in agreements between the Consumer and the issuer of the card between the Company and its MOROCCAN VIEWS bank apply.

3.2. On delivery
• For species
• By bank check:
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM accept payment by bank checks
No checks can be accepted for departures within 21 days
This regulation will be directly from the person in charge of delivery.

3.3. by Agency
• For species
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM accepts payment in cash directly to the Agency in Marrakech, located at 19 Bis Avenue Fatima Zahra Rmila Marrakech-Morocco in the maximum limit of 20,000 dirhams per order.
• By bank check:
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM accept payment by bank checks. This check is issued by the bank to the customer’s request and for the benefit of a named beneficiary. This process ensures the actual payment to the beneficiary of the transaction.
No checks can be accepted for departures within 21 days
This regulation will be made directly to the Agency located at 19 Bis Avenue Fatima Zahra Rmila Marrakech
• By credit card
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM agency accepts credit cards and the following payment cards
– Visa;
– MIC card;
– MasterCard;
– Maestro card;
TPE is available to the buyer to adjust his journey.
Payment in agency fees are set to 25 March 2010 to 50 dhs.

3.4 By bank transfer
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM accepts payments by bank transfer. The transfer must always be confirmed by the issuing bank. This deposit confirmation shall state the name and order number.
Banque Populaire
Account No: 145 450 592 838 100 212 53
Account holder: MOROCCAN VIEWS
Payment of fees for the transfer are set to 25 March 2010 to 50 dhs.
Warning: costs related to the transfer are to be borne by the Buyer.

4.1 listings trips and stays MOROCCANVIEWS.COM mention what is included in the price and what is not.
Unless otherwise provided in the description of the journey, the basic package is announced VAT and does not include any handling fees, payment fees, drinks, expenses payable locally, shows, tours, fresh vaccine, visas, … as well as any service or service not specifically mentioned in the description.
The interruption of the trip or stay by the client or his waiver of certain services or services included in the package or paid in addition to the price of the package when booking, will not give rise to any refund or credit.
4.2 Allocation and pricing of the rooms.
Double rooms are provided with either two beds or rarely with a double bed. It is possible to add an extra bed in a double room, depending on the housing policy of each hotel. A room can contain up to 2 to 3 persons (including babies).
Managing pricing is as follows in some cases depending on the age of the occupants of the room. The age categories are: Baby (0-2 years), child (2à10 years) Adult (over 10 years)
– If a person occupies a double room, regardless of age, it is assigned the cost of a single room.
– If two people occupy the double room, regardless of age, it is assigned the price of a double room per person.
– If three people are in the double room, it affects their prices depending on the age of the 3rd person
– 3rd person is an adult: the affected total price is equal to the price of a double room + extra adult price
– 3rd person is a child, the affected total price is equal to the price of a double room + extra child price
– 3rd person is a baby: the total price is equal to the allocated a double room price (no extra charge for the baby)

Extra bed mention “not applicable” means that the hotel does not accept third person in the room.

4.3 Other expenses:
Any purchase may result in the application fee payment. These you are explicitly presented when booking.
Depending on the payment method, you will have to pay costs related to the chosen method of payment clearly displayed on your quote.
4.4 Promotions: Unless otherwise noted, special offers and price reductions mentioned in our catalog are not cumulative. The reductions in prices or special offers do not apply to customers who bought a product before the launch of the offer.
Promotions listed on the site are limited to stock allocated to each product.

Prices for travel and accommodation proposed may be revised by MOROCCANVIEWS.COM if economic data in force at the time of preparation were to change.
The awards were established in particular on the basis of known economic data in the following March 25, 2010:
• transport costs including fuel costs,
• cost of fees and charges (landing fees, boarding, landing, safety, environmental tax …)
• exchange rates.
In case of variation of these economic data, MOROCCANVIEWS.COM reserves the right to fully pass on these variations, both upward and downward, by altering the selling price,
However, for customers who paid in full their journey, no change in the price may not be applied.
The current selling price at the time of purchase is that stated at the time of booking.

6.1 Stays
Any cancellation or modification by the customer must be made to the following mail: annulation-modification@moroccanviews.com
Any cancellation or modification by the customer, resulting perception following cancellation charges.
For travel, predefined stays on the site and other benefits:
– More than 30 days before departure = 500 Dhs per person
– 30 to 22 days of departure = 25% of the total price (min 400 Dhs.).
– From 21 to 15 days before departure = 50% of the total price (min 400 Dhs.).
– Within 15 days of departure = no cancellation, modification, repayment is possible.
However, some trips or stays may be subject to specific cancellation policy which then are on the special conditions which then are on the special conditions of travel contained in the product description.
6.2 Flights
100% of the ticket and those upon payment, regardless of the date of cancellation, subject to more favorable terms and conditions applied by the airlines concerned or, where applicable, special conditions that govern certain air fares (contact us).
Promotions of all types and Flights Companies “low-cost” are neither refundable nor exchangeable
6.2 If the customer does not show up at the start, registration or the first delivery at the times and places mentioned in the trip or if the client is unable to participate in the trip (failure to present necessary documents such as passport, visa, vaccination certificate, or other causes …) the trip will in no case be refunded and the cancellation charges above are due to MOROCCANVIEWS.COM.
7.1 – Change due to MOROCCANVIEWS.COM before departure
If, before departure, an external event, winning in MOROCCANVIEWS.COM, MOROCCANVIEWS.COM forced to change an essential element of the contract with the customer, MOROCCANVIEWS.COM notify the customer by any means capable of producing an accused reception, as soon as possible and offer him or a modification of the journey, a replacement trip. The customer can then either accept the proposed change or terminate the contract. The customer who opts for termination may obtain a full refund of amounts paid. The client will communicate its decision (acceptance of the amendment or termination) within a maximum period of 7 days from receipt of the information. A reply within that time, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the proposed amendment.
When a minimum number of participants is required for the realization of a circuit or a trip and that this number is not reached, MOROCCANVIEWS.COM inform the customer at least 7 days before the departure date. MOROCCANVIEWS.COM then offers the client a (the) solution (s) to replace the current rates or repayment of sums paid, without being held to any compensation or indemnity to the customer.
A circuit is “guaranteed departure” when it is not subject to a minimum number of participants.
7.2 – Change due to MOROCCANVIEWS.COM after departure
If, after the start MOROCCANVIEWS.COM is unable to provide a major part of the planned benefits, representing a significant percentage of the price paid by the customer, MOROCCANVIEWS.COM will do its best to replace them with equivalent transactions .dropoff window If MOROCCANVIEWS.COM can not offer any replacement service or replacement services are refused by the customer for valid reasons, MOROCCANVIEWS.COM will ensure the customer back, no extra charge and under equivalent conditions to the place of departure or to another location agreed MOROCCANVIEWS.COM and client.
7.3 – Cancellation by MOROCCANVIEWS.COM before departure
If MOROCCANVIEWS.COM decides to cancel the trip or stay before departure, MOROCCANVIEWS.COM will notify the customer by any means capable of producing a receipt. If the parties do not reach an amicable agreement on a replacement trip or stay MOROCCANVIEWS.COM reimburse the customer the full amount paid.
ARTICLE 8: Proof of transactions paid by credit card
The data recorded by Morocco Telecommerce SA on MarocTelecommerce platform on behalf of MOROCCAN VIEWS constitute proof of all commercial transactions between you and the company MOROCCAN VIEWS.
For stays and circuits, the length of stay (or circuit) runs from the notice of the departure airport until the return date. Prices are calculated on a number of nights spent at destination (not days).
Due to flight times, the customer will be deprived of a few hours of stay on arrival or departure, or both, or stay may be extended. In this case, additional meals will remain dependent.
The possession and the restitution of the room by the customer will be according to the customs of the hotel and no claim or refund the customer’s request in this regard will be taken into account.

It is the customer to ensure that it is in order (and the people on his record are also) with police formalities, customs and health necessary for the realization of the trip. Some countries require that the validity of the passport is more than six months after the date of return as well as the presentation of a return ticket or onward and sufficient funds.
It is the customer to scrupulously respect the procedural requirements and verify compliance of the spelling of the surname and first name listed on the travel documents with those on their identity documents (passport, visa …).
Customers who booked benefit particular rate (family, youth, couples, children …) should bring their proof can be claimed during recordings.
A traveler who could consume the services purchased from MOROCCANVIEWS.COM failure to submit the required documents (passport, visas, CIN, vaccination certificates, notes …) or do not meet the requirements ensuring their safety and the safety of others can not claim any refund.
The customer must inform MOROCCANVIEWS.COM in writing prior to any reservation of any particularity concerning and could affect the course of the trip (presence of an animal, transporting musical instruments, disabled persons with or without a wheelchair etc.). Airlines are free to accept or reject particular recording large or special baggage.
In no event MOROCCANVIEWS.COM not be held responsible for the factual circumstances under force majeure due to third parties outside the provision of services under the contract or improper performance of the contract attributable to the customer. Responsibility for MOROCCANVIEWS.COM can never be liable for any indirect damages.
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM can not be held responsible for the performance of services purchased locally by the client and not provided to the descriptive or pre- or post-delivery referrals made to the customer’s initiative.
MOROCCANVIEWS.COM can not be held responsible for changes in schedules or routes of change of airport caused by circumstances beyond its control. In such circumstances, the delay may have suffered will result in any compensation payable by MOROCCANVIEWS.COM.
Flights dry: the customer can acquire the site of the only MOROCCANVIEWS.COM tickets, including air. The sale of tickets only, also known as selling “dry seats” or “dry ticketing” is defined as the sale of the title alone air transport unaccompanied tourist services such as hotel stays or packages. These benefits do not come within the scope of the provisions relating to the sale of travel and holidays. Including MOROCCANVIEWS.COM is responsible vis-à-vis the customer that an agent carriers which it sells the tickets. MOROCCANVIEWS.COM is liable to third parties as its breaches its agent mission. MOROCCANVIEWS.COM will therefore not liable if the airline does not transport indicated on the ticket, for any reason whatsoever: overbooking, cancellation, delay, failure, technical failure, error or programming changes or airport of arrival or departure, commercial litigation with third parties. All claims must be made directly – or MOROCCANVIEWS.COM transmit directly all claims – with the carrier whose name is mentioned on the ticket. As an agent, the customer MOROCCANVIEWS.COM apply the prices set and applied by air carriers to the time of sale. Moreover, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure and respect the conditions of security and boarding the airline.
When it is about a stay or a circuit, the customer can transfer his contract to a third party who meets the same conditions as him (accommodation modes and identical pension …). The customer may not assign his (its) contract (s) of insurance. The customer must inform MOROCCANVIEWS.COM of his decision by any means capable of producing a receipt within 15 days before the start date of the trip or stay.
However, in case of air transport if the ticket is issued, it will not be exchanged or refunded by the airlines and the travel contract may not be transferred.
Any assignment of the contract, when possible under the above provisions will be billed the following disposal costs: 300 DHs per person.