Moroccan Views, your travel agency in Morocco, your assurance of a quality label

Moroccan Views, your travel agency in Morocco, is your assurance for a great time while exploring Morocco

Moroccan Views is a team of passionate, enthusiastic and well informed travel experts who will go out of our way to design the best tours and other travel packages for our customers. We
loves to share our experiences and expertise on all things Morocco has to offer. We work with not only the best but most suitable hotels to accommodate all types of travellers.
We, at Moroccan Views, understands the importance of designing cultural, environmentally friendly and fun tours. In addition to this we healso like to benefit local community through our tours & events whenever possible.
With a global network of carefully selected partners; we certainly do our best to promote sustainable tourism. All we ask in return is that visitors respect the local customs, culture and environment.

Upon your arrival to Morocco a nice and warm welcome meeting with your advisor around a fresh made mint tea.

Our aim is to give you all the information & advices you need to start your Moroccan adventure. Our travel advisers are at your disposal seven days a week. and our desire is to continually improve our services, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Our corporate travel & events team:

Our expertise is based on many years of travel experience in the 4 corners of Morocco. and our local knowledge for every single destination is large and detailed, and we have a solid foundation for cooperation with our partners.

We offer a vast selection of tailored events for companies, associations, boards or Departments who want an event or meeting a little out of the common. We offer corporate events, kick-off meetings, team-building programs, wedding, conferences and employee tours with a wide variety of content that is always tailored to your specific needs. In every single event our Officers, ensures high quality and attention to even the small details.

A dedicated contact along the process of your booking

Moroccan Views is your guarantee for a successful event. Our job is to stand for all the practical and logistical stage, which allow you full time and energy to concentrate on the academic and social content. In cooperating with us, your program will be tailored according to your wishes and needs, so the destination and content will meet the academic and social expectations you have for the event.

Moroccan Views is a specialist in handling practical matters even for small or large events. In Morocco we have an extensive network and knowledge of the beautiful hotels, imperial Palaces (Riads), Kasbahs and desert camps…

Whatever you wish for your event activities, concerts or others, we are here to make it real….

So, Welcome into our world and be inspired by the many destinations and offers. Here, all your dreams come true…

“Breathing freedom” is the essence of our philosophy. We believe that beautiful and unconventional surroundings create open minds, intensity and creativity and provide unforgettable experiences; therefore we find places with unique details and stories, as a backdrop for your event.

Our incentive team is passionate about helping our clients achieve business objectives through a high level of service. and we are also active in the meetings industry, and have shared our expertise in meetings consolidation, the team building outsourcing, and meetings events and incentives at numerous conferences.

Our mission is to:

  • Reinforce team bonds
  • Stimulate and motivate
  • Unite your best talents!

Moroccan Views, travel agency in Morocco, helps companies to train inspired leaders and teams to improve performance. We work with managers and their teams to give them the means and the motivation to function better together for the greater benefit of all.

Our philosophy was developed keeping in mind these values:

  • The safeguarding of the natural, cultural and human inheritance,
  • The integration of the local populations,
  • The development of the cultural exchanges.

In a small, medium, or a big group, join us to share emotions within a setting:

  • Of Escape: promise of a complete expatriation on a preserved and exceptional space.
  • Of Blooming: guarantee of a privileged contact with oneself and its environment (geographical, ethnic, cultural…)
  • Of Authenticity: respect of traditions, specificities and local resources.
  • Of Proximity: invitation for discovery and knowledge, to meet with a country and its population.